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Gary Bruzee and Mary Mitchell mix their new recording at Lamont Audio

WELCOME to Our Music & Recent Studio Sessions Page!

Listen to some tracks from recent recording and mixing projects here at our studio in Phoenix, AZ:  Please take a moment and give a listen to some of the sample tracks posted below. You'll find there's something musically for everyone, and it's a great way to get a feel for our studio's sound and the depth and scope of our mixing capabilities. Thanks to all our producers & musicians -- have fun!

George Benson Asked Us to Transfer His Entire 24 Track Music Archive to Digital.  We just finished a huge analog tape to digital transfer project here at Lamont Audio, for the one-and-only George Benson. There were 80 reels of 24-track sessions, 40+ miles of tape, amounting to over 24 hours of really great music, recorded over the years at some of the best recording studios in the world. A fantastic listening experience with one of the greatest recording artists ever!  Check out the photo below:

George Benson at Lamont Audio, Phoenix.

"McArthur Park" - Tribute to Hal Blaine session with music by Jay Maynes (Juan Oskar) and percussionist Michael Kravitz. Recently we recorded a session with percussionist Michael Kravitz paying tribute to his late uncle and world-famous drummer, Hal Blaine. Jay Maynes did all the music. Enjoy the video below captured during the session.

"Down On The 64" - A New Album by GreyWolf

GreyWolf recently completed their long-awaited album here in the studio! Below are just a few samples from their album titled: "Down On The 64."  The CD has now been released.


Down On The 64 (L. Clark)

Harmed And Dangerous (M. Mitchell)

Walking On Red Dirt (L. Clark)

Crazy 'Bout That Woman (M. Mitchell)

Love Was On My Mind (M. Mitchell)

Looks And Feels Like Home (M. Mitchell)

 Steve Tussey recorded his new album at Lamont Audio, Phoenix

"202020" - A New Album by Steve Tussey

Steve Tussey - Singer, Storyteller & Musician: We're excited to share with you a few samples from Steve's newest album "202020", 20 songs to help us lighten the load from 2020. The album has now been released and everyone loves it. You can get to know Steve and all his music through his website at


Waiting To Feel Good

One Good Shot

No Friend of Mine

Dream 101

Didn't I Say Goodbye

 Sandy Lamont can help on your music project at Lamont Audio, Phoenix

Sandy Lamont: Producer/Engineer/Musician

Some New Music from Lamont Audio:   While the studio has been closed recently during CV, Sandy has been working on some of his own projects.  We hope you enjoy the covers and new renditions of some great songs by The Byrds, The Beau Brummels, Judy Collins, Roy Lanham and others. Just FYI, if you need "more than an engineer" on YOUR next recording project, Sandy could also be available to produce, play or sing on your tracks, too.  Enjoy!


Tell Me Why

Who Knows Where the Time Goes


Here Without You

A Smooth One

Hello to All Arizona Songwriters, Musicians, Singers and Music Producers from Lamont Audio, PHX. The Current Date in the Recording Studio Is: Thursday July 25, 2024. Call us at 602-292-8380 to check on available studio times for your next project.

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